New Books of Computer Science Purchased in October, 2017

  1. Managing VAT with TALLY 9 by A K Nadhani
  2. LINUX Administration by Kognet Learning solutions (P)
  3. JAVA 8 in Simple steps by DT Editorial Services (P)
  4. HTML 5 Black Box by DT Editorial Services (P)
  5. Complier Design by Santanu Chattopadhyay
  6. Computer Graphics Multimedia and Animation by Malay K. Pakhira
  7. Data Mining by Pieter Adriaans
  8. Introduction to Java Programming by K. Somasundaran      
  9. Effective technical communication by Rudra Pratap
  10. Getting started with MATLAB by Rudra Pratap
  11. Numerical Methods in Engineering & Science by B. S. Grewal

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